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Today's Good News Snippets

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

A quick round up of news to brighten your day on Saturday 25 April.

  • Apple trees: once again blossoming beautifully.

  • Letters: OGN Daily has received dozens of letters from disgruntled canines saying that there is absolutely no truth to the rumour that a dog ever said: 'Oh no, not another bloody walk.'

  • Germany: Solar, wind and other renewables provided 78% of electricity requirements this week. Yay!

  • Iceland: the country’s forestry service recommends that people hug a tree once a day during lockdown, to aid relaxation and boost their sense of wellbeing.

  • Ireland: armed with just their 3D printer and a stack of laminating pouches, two Irish schoolboys (aged 11 and 14) completed their first batch of 100 face masks for their local Tallaght University Hospital. Superb effort boys!

  • UK: Admiral to give £25 car insurance refunds to clients as they're not using their cars. Fingers crossed more will do the same.

  • Courtesy of 'you know what' and the consequential massive drop in carbon emissions, air pollution across China, Europe and the US, is heading for a record 5% annual drop. Post-covid, let's keep it going down...

  • Lockdown is opening up the world for people with disabilities as they are able to take part in work, culture, and socialising from their own home for first time - just like everyone else.

  • Following Denmark's example, several European countries are to relax restrictions related to children, with Holland and France announcing that primary schools will reopen next month and Spain is setting out how under-14s will be allowed out of the home from next week.

  • America: Trump finally proves he really is a complete and utter idiot.

  • Alcohol: very good news for vendors; not such good news for our livers.

  • BBC's Big Night In fundraiser on Thursday night garners almost as much in NHS charity donations as one 99 year old war veteran. But Captain Tom Moore's efforts didn't receive the same munificent gesture from Rishi Sunak, UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, by matching his fund raising pound for pound. Come on Rishi, do the right thing!

  • Frozen food mountain: More than a million airline meals are to be given away to disadvantaged people across Greater Manchester.

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