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Good News Thursday

Uplifting snippets of good news from around the world to brighten your day.

  • Call that a helmet? Police in parts of India are doing things a bit differently.

  • Ditto the Philippines: Local officials have been enforcing lockdown and handing out relief packages dressed as Star Wars characters, like Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers.

  • United States Geological Survey (USGS) in collaboration with NASA and the Lunar Planetary Institute have just released an astonishingly detailed map of the surface of the moon.

  • Pakistan hires thousands of newly-unemployed workers for ambitious 10 billion tree-planting initiative, using 'nurturing nature' to come to the people's economic rescue.

  • Peace by Chocolate: Antigonish, a chocolate maker in Canada's Nova Scotia, ships one-month supply to people who do good deeds during the pandemic.

  • London: Lucky residents of an island in the Thames might be living in the only virus-free place in the metropolis.

  • The number of green projects could be on the rise. Economists say investments which reduce emissions are the most cost-effective way to boost economies. The study, published in the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, found that projects which increase renewable energy create more jobs and higher short-terms returns.

  • Amazingly intuitive horse brings joy to hospital's sick patients. Tissues at the ready for this remarkable video.

  • Paris: The city is reserving some of the busiest traffic arteries for cyclists, in an effort to reduce passengers on public transport. "In total, 50 kilometres (30 miles) of lanes normally used by cars will be reserved for bicycles," Anne Hidalgo, the city mayor, said. A further 30 streets will be made pedestrian only.

  • Life in South Korea is mostly back to normal, with workers returning to offices, and museums and libraries reopening.

  • Birmingham, UK: 15 year old Tyrese Dibba, who is deaf and partially sighted, has created a series of videos which teach British Sign Language for free during lockdown. "It's very important for more people to learn to sign – it will help the deaf community feel part of wider society. The lessons are free and they cover some of my favourite subjects, including food and holidays," he said. Sign up here

  • Don't forget it's a Bank Holiday in the UK tomorrow! But, panic not, it won't stop OGN Daily publishing the day's good news stories from around the world.

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