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Today's Bite-Sized Chunks of Good News

Here's a quick round-up of good news from around the world.

  • Camassia starting to look lovely in gardens again.

  • It's time for the economy to yield to human values, says Mark Carney. Yay!

  • Chicago: 89 year old makes 600 masks and includes handwritten notes of encouragement, all the whilst listening to the Beatles.

  • It's not just you, birds are definitely louder. They must be happier. Try this dawn chorus recording whenever you fancy blissing-out to more chirpy, chirpy delight.

  • Brexit trade negotiations have been becalmed because of you know what, but Britain and the European Union have now agreed to hold three online rounds of fully fledged trade negotiations to try and prevent an extension of the Brexit transition period. Each round will last a week, and the first one is already underway. Fingers crossed!

  • German car manufacturers and politicians call for ‘eco-scrappage plan to boost sales of green cars. Wouldn't it be good news if the rest of Europe (and elsewhere) followed suit?

  • We've just celebrated the golden anniversary of Earth Day. Now let's get on with delivering on the dream presciently espoused 50 years ago.

  • Flabbergasted re-defined to suit the times: appalled by how much weight you have gained.

  • Milan: city plans to curb car usage by turning over 35km of streets to cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Finland: campaign group crowdsource for 'forgiveness' emoji.

  • Middle East: no longer worth invading as oil is now worthless.

  • Microsoft embraces open data: the world’s biggest tech firm wants to liberate information. That was once unthinkable.

  • Norway: wouldn't it be great if more countries had an A-ha moment?!

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