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OGN Monday

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Collection of good news snippets to get the week off to a bright start.

  • One year after the first Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic opened its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina, the basketball great and his partner Novant Health have opened a second facility. With the same goal of providing vital access to primary and preventive care to individuals who are uninsured or under-insured, the new clinic was also built with a generous $7 million grant from Michael Jordan.

  • Time to Rewild the Planning System: Experts are calling for ‘wildbelts’ to become part of UK planning strategy.

  • Finland: Children whose outdoor play areas at school were transformed from gravel yards to mini-forests showed improved immune systems within a month, research has shown. The scientists believe this is because the children had developed significantly more diverse microbes on their skin and in their guts than the children whose playgrounds were not upgraded.

  • If you want to enjoy an amusing joke as you drive along, you only need to pass by the Indian Hills Community Center, Colorado. Twice a week, they put up a new road sign featuring clever puns. But, since that's not going to be possible for 99.9 percent of OGN readers, here's some photos of their hilarious signs instead. Enjoy!

  • Australia is preparing to become home to the world’s largest solar farm, with the project expected to generate enough energy to power places as far away as Singapore.

  • Uber pledges £5m toward electric vehicle charging points in London, focusing on poorer boroughs in an effort to convince its 45,000 drivers to switch to electric cars.

  • Lewis Hamilton has been crowned the most victorious driver in Formula One history following his crushing 92nd career win in Sunday's Portuguese Grand Prix.

  • Thanks to changes introduced by the Prosecco DOC in May last year, Pink Prosecco is launching for the first time in UK this week and the £8.99 bottle has already amassed a waiting list and 370,000 Facebook fans.

  • Oregon closes state’s last coal plant in favour of green energy. It took a long time, but energy companies are finally coming around to the idea that renewable energy is not only better for the planet, but can also be more affordable and create more job opportunities than fossil fuels. 

  • A unique satellite dataset on the world's tropical forests is now available for all to see and use. It's a high-resolution image map covering 64 countries that will be updated monthly. Anyone who wants to understand how trees are being managed will be able to download the necessary information for analysis - for free. The dataset should be an enormous help in the fight against deforestation, said Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment. "There are many parts of the world where high-resolution images simply aren't available, or where they are available - the NGOs, communities, and academia in those countries can't afford them because they're quite expensive. So, we've decided to foot the bill for the world, basically," he told BBC News.

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