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Good News Monday

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

What better way to start the week than with an uplifting bundle of positive news nuggets?

Small cheetah cub
Big Cats Are Back

In the 1950s, India saw a local extinction of cheetahs, with the animals no longer found in the wild due to hunting, habitat loss, and a lack of prey. Over the last few decades, the country attempted to reintroduce cheetahs, and finally in 2022, eight cheetahs from Namibia were brought to India, followed by 12 more from South Africa. Much to everyone's delight, officials at the Kuno National Park Wildlife Sanctuary spotted four cheetah cubs, probably born last week to Siyaya, one of the cheetahs from Namibia. The cubs and Siyaya are healthy and doing well, the Press Trust of India says. This is "a momentous event," India's environment minister tweeted.


A man mistakenly ordered 60 pairs of reading glasses after misreading the quantity he was ordering. Tom Arnold, from Cornwall in south west England, thought he had ordered 10 or 12 pairs of reading glasses so he was shocked when 60 pairs were delivered. Asked by the BBC if he had his glasses on when putting the order in, he replied: “Well, I thought I did, but trying to remember back, I might not have had them on.” Meanwhile, a few miles away...

Time for a Comfy Bed

When he began his camping adventure, Max Woosey imagined he would spend a few weeks sleeping in his new tent and raise a few hundred pounds for a good cause. Three years on, after surviving fierce winds, sub-zero temperatures and an awful lot of rain, 13-year-old Max’s efforts have earned more than £750,000 ($930,000) for a local hospice and given him unexpected fame - but he has finally decided it is time to put a solid roof back over his head and clamber into a proper bed at his home in Devon, south west England. The "Boy in the Tent" has even managed to set a Guinness World Record for the most money raised by camping!

Galactic Jellyfish

Like the ancients naming constellations after the animals they resembled, scientists at the European Space Agency say they have found a galactic ‘jellyfish.’ The presence of star-forming gas dripping from the disk of the galaxy JW100 in long streamers, over 800 million light-years away in the constellation Pegasus, was detected by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Comparing them to “streaks of fresh paint”, an ESA spokesperson says they point to a process called ram pressure stripping, which the view from Hubble shows as resembling “dangling jellyfish tentacles.” Adding: “These tendrils represent star formation under extreme conditions and could help astronomers better understand the process of star formation elsewhere in the universe.”

Long lost photos belonging to Coral Amayi
Coral Amayi recovered a bunch of memories when her camera was recently returned to her | Coral Amayi
Say Cheese!

While fishing in Colorado's Animas River a couple of weeks ago, Spencer Greiner found something unexpected: a rusted digital camera. Greiner took it home, and was shocked to discover the SD card could still be read by a computer. The pictures that popped up were from a bridal shower and wedding, "and I figured it was worth a go to try and find the owner," Greiner told Today. Not even an hour after posting some of the photos on a local Facebook page, the groom from the wedding commented, and soon, Greiner was connected with the camera's owner: Arizona resident Coral Amayi. Amayi lost the camera in 2010, when the tube she was in on the Animas River flipped over. She was devastated by the loss, and said she "got up and was dancing" after hearing from Greiner.

Good Neighbors

At an apartment building in Sweden, where tenants are a mix of elderly Swedes and young adults - some of them are migrants - a shared-living project is bridging generational and cultural divides while combating the isolation commonly faced by older people and refugees.

Before moving in, residents of the 51 apartments commit to socializing with each other at least two hours a week, often meeting up in shared kitchens and common rooms to bake, share meals, work on puzzles and watch movies. Friendships are blossoming - and a helping hand is always around the corner. A younger tenant changes a lightbulb for an elderly neighbor. An older resident helps a recently arrived migrant learn to drive. “I love the different ages and cultures,” says a retiree who lives in the building.


“Our lives are not the days that have passed, but the days we will remember forever.”

Meik Wiking

On this Day

3 April 1860: The Pony Express mail delivery system, which used continuous horse-and-rider relays along a 1,800 mile (2,900 km) route between St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, was launched in the United States.


Mood Booster

Amazing Slo-Mo of Hummingbirds flying and drinking.


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