OGN Wednesday

Mid-week collection of uplifting good news snippets from around the globe.

  • Greece: The first post-lockdown overseas visitors return to Santorini.

  • Australia: Good news for scientists concerned about declining numbers of green turtles after discovery that the world's largest population of nesting green turtles is nearly twice as big as previously thought. Scientists determined that there were about 64,000 green turtles waiting to lay eggs on Raine Island - a vegetated coral cay on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef - significantly more than expected.

  • Upbeat, happy, fun and entertaining: brilliant video mixing clips of dancers strutting their stuff over the last few decades. Definitely worth 5 minutes of your time.

  • UK: Famously good at scoring goals for Manchester United, Marcus Radcliffe has helped score another one off the pitch, as Boris Johnson makes U-turn on free school meals vouchers, worth £120m for children in need.

  • IREA suggests that investment in renewables could generate almost $100tn in global GDP before 2050, paying for itself, and returning between $3 and $8 on every dollar invested.

  • London: Au revoir to Le Caprice, Princess Diana's beloved restaurant and legendary celebrity haunt. Closing shortly. But, panic not, the good news is that it's set to re-open nearby at an equally smart location.

  • Florida: From little acorns, mighty oaks grow! That's what Shelly Tygielski experienced when she threw an idea out on Instagram in March this year, and discovered that the word 'viral' doesn't have to be negative.

  • India: 15 year old girl who cycled 1,200km in 7 days carrying her injured father has been offered a trial with the country's National Cycling Federation.

  • UK: In 2018, a think tank declared Cambridge the most unequal city in the UK. In the shadow of its famous university many people are living rough - and a new housing initiative aims to start helping to address that.

  • Oklahoma City: A nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged women dress for job interviews had their building (and all its contents) inadvertently destroyed by fire in recent riots but, thus far, more than 1,200 Oklahomans have chipped in to raise more than $75,000 to help them rebuild Dress for Success. ⁠

  • Seismic shift in public sentiment: According to a recent survey by pollster Ipsos MORI, 66 per cent of Brits believe climate change is “as serious a crisis” as Covid-19, while 71 per cent believe the government will be “failing them” if it doesn’t act to avert today’s climate emergency. A separate YouGov poll, meanwhile, found that six in ten adults in think social and environmental issues should be prioritised above economic growth.

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