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Greta Uses Vogue Cover to Slam Fast Fashion

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is the new cover of the first issue of Vogue Scandinavia, a photoshoot doing the rounds on social media.

When most celebrities appear on the cover of a magazine, they post the photos online and give a shoutout to their makeup artist and photographer and talk about how excited they were.

But when the 18-year-old teenage climate campaigner, best known for her hoodie jackets, woollen gloves and purple anorak, posted the cover on her Instagram, she took the opportunity to criticise the fast-moving fashion industry.

"The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate and ecological emergency," Greta said on the social platform. "Even more so at the expense of countless workers and communities who are being exploited around the world in order for some to enjoy fast fashion that many treat as disposables."

She says she never buys new clothes, but if she does, they are second hand. "The last time I bought something new was three years ago and it was second-hand. I just borrow things from people I know," Thunberg said.


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