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How Jennifer Aniston Looks This Good at 52

The actress is among the fittest of the fifty-plusers and just gets better with age - here's how she stays in such good shape.

If you recently tuned into the (rather cringeworthy) Friends reunion you must have noticed how good Jennifer Aniston looked. The image above is lifted from that airing and, let's face it, she doesn't look a day over 35. How does she do it?

Well, Aniston is seriously invested in wellness and is upfront about the fact that her appearance takes hard work to maintain. However, there are some tips from her regime that are surprisingly achievable for the average person sans Hollywood glam squad. So, what are her secrets?

Unsurprisingly, daily exercise is key. She told InStyle that she’s coined a simple cardio-based exercise routine she calls “15-15-15”: 15 minutes of spin, 15 minutes on the “elliptical” (cross-trainer) and 15 minutes running. Sounds fairly doable – but Aniston does this at least five times a week. On the basis that the average gym goer manages to hit the machines once per week, Aniston is rather more seriously committed than most. But, hey, that's what it takes!

As the maxim goes, abs like Aniston’s are made in the kitchen as well as the gym. Luckily she has iron-clad willpower that means when she fancies a treat she stops at just “one M&M, one chip... I know, that's so annoying”. Frankly, at OGN Towers we find that amazing and really rather terrifying. But, all the same, deeply impressive.

She follows a 16:8 intermittent fasting plan, which involves eating your meals for the day in an eight-hour window and sticking to water, juices, herbal tea and black coffee for the rest of the time. This is as much about general health as it is about weight maintenance, as she told Vogue magazine: “I believe in intermittent fasting because its benefits are backed by science – but it's about your cells, your muscles, so we can grow old and thrive.”

Unlike other members of the Hollywood wellness elite, she doesn’t eschew alcohol completely. Aniston apparently makes a mean margarita but says she “only [has] two to three drinks, tops, and I don't do exotic” – that means no fruity cocktails. Her drink of choice is “a margarita – clean, no sugar – or a dirty martini”.

Her other not-so-secret weapons are meditation and prioritising a good night’s sleep. Although she’s been struggling to drop off lately (haven’t we all?), good sleep hygiene is very much at the top of Aniston’s agenda. She has also said she meditates for 20 minutes daily using the app InsightTimer and makes lists in a gratitude journal. When asked what makes her feel her strongest, she replied: “Good sleep. That's when our cells are rejuvenating, right?”

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