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International Landscape Photographer of the Year

The 2022 version of this award showing the magic and beauty of our world underwater and on land, up in the mountains and down in the plains are a real treat.

The competition, now in its ninth year, is open to both amateur and professional photographers. “We're constantly amazed at the lengths photographers go to, whether physically in the landscape or creatively in post-production,” said Peter Eastway, chairman of the competition.

"When judging photographs, we always run a difficult knife edge between simplicity and complexity, but more than anything this year, the pictures seemed to reflect a very intense personal response by the photographers to their subject and its treatment,” one of the judges, David Burnett, observed.

The first prize for the best single photo went to American Martin Broen for the photo of a diver swimming inside a flooded cave in Mexico, Yucatan. This, and five others of our favourites, can be viewed below.

Sand dunes in Mongolia
‘Rhythm of Life’, Badain Jaran Desert, inner Mongolia, China | PHOTO: LIU BAI, CHINA - ILPOTY AWARDS 2022

Mountains of Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina
‘Summer Window’, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina | PHOTO: MAX RIVE, NETHERLANDS - ILPOTY AWARDS 2022

Aerial view of Cuejdel lake, Romania
‘The Network’, Cuejdel lake, Romania | PHOTO: GHOERGHE POPA, ROMANIA - ILPOTY AWARDS 2022

Sichuan landscape in China
'Under the Rainbow', Sichuan, China | PHOTO: TONY WANG, CHINA - ILPOTY AWARDS 2022

Andes landscape

Diver in a flooded cave in Yucatan, Mexico
'Flooded Cave', Yucatan, Mexico | PHOTO: MARTIN BROEN, U.S. - ILPOTY AWARDS 2022


To find out more about the competition, please see International Landscape Photographer Of The Year

For more spectacular photos, please see OGN's section on Photography

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