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World's Most Popular Toys

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The clever elves at TheToyZone have analyzed Google search volumes to track down the most popular toys around the world in 2022.

Collection of Barbie dolls

Key findings include:

  • Four of the top five most searched-for toys in the world are video game consoles, and of those, the PS5, gets the most monthly searches on average (15 million).

  • The only non-console toy among the five most searched is Lego, which is searched globally over six million times a month on average.

  • Counting 1.35m searches on average per month, the most searched-for board game globally is Ludo.

  • Barbie is the most uniquely popular toy in 32 countries - more than any other toy.

Barbara Millicent Roberts - Barbie, to her friends - was launched in the U.S. in 1959 and has been sold in 150 countries worldwide. She’s a workaholic, too: in her time on toy store shelves, Barbie’s enjoyed over 200 careers, including veterinarian, astronaut and even presidential candidate.

North Americans spend more money on toys than anywhere else in the world, and it's simpler joys like board games and dolls that take the crown. The most popular being Lincoln Logs. Despite this preference, the U.S. spends more money on video games than any other country except China.

In five countries in South America, Barbie is the most uniquely popular toy, with other dolls like L.O.L Surprise and Funko POP taking the top spot in Brazil and Chile respectively.

In Europe, building and construction toys are the most uniquely popular category. But while the hugely lucrative Lego brand might be the first building toy you think of, Knex, Playmobil and Geomag playsets are, in fact, more popular across the continent.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East and Central Asia, board games seem to be the most popular. In seven countries in the region, board games like Pictionary, the Game of Life and Rummikub are the most uniquely popular toys, according to Google search volumes. Over in the rest of Asia and Oceania, the most popular toys include yoyos, Buckaroo and toys from TV shows, like the Power Rangers.

In Africa, board games and dolls are the most popular types of toys. While Barbie takes the top slot, national tastes in board games are a little more varied: Ludo is the most popular, but old favorites like the Game of Life, Monopoly and Scrabble also come up top.

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