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Best Inspirational Book of the Year

Looking for your next book? HumanKind by Brad Aronson is one to consider.

Front cover of HumanKind by Brad Aronson

Named best inspirational book of the year by the US Independent Book Publishers Association and chosen as an International Book Awards winner, HumanKind is a heartwarming, feel-good book that many of us probably need right now.

Humankind: How to Change the World One Small Act at a Time is a collection of short stories about the profound and contagious effect of human kindness. The author himself was inspired to write this book after the generosity of others helped him and his family through difficult times. The stories in this book are heart-warming, empowering, and makes you realize both the power and value of kindness, says Forbes. Even lauding it as "The most uplifting and life-affirming book in years."

Humankind is organized into ten chapters - each containing a collection of short stories revolving around a theme. The anecdotes are unique, diverse, and include valuable lessons. One of the stories talks about how a mother's kindness towards a homeless man inspired her son to start Philadelphia's first homeless assistance program. Another story shared a couple's dilemma of giving a close friend $400 to launch his music career when they only have $404 to their name. Had the couple chosen otherwise, Simon & Garfunkel would've never released The Sound of Silence.

There are also practical tips for making a difference with your own words and deeds, and the resource section lists organizations where you can channel your efforts to create your own ripples of kindness.

OGN recommends buying it through your local independent bookstore. Another ripple of kindness...

Front cover of Greta's Climate Book

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