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Love Shines Like a Diamond

Now this is a love song in the making!

Christian Liden of Washington state had always dreamed about mining his own gems for an engagement ring when he finally met that special someone. A while ago, he realized he had the girl, but no clue how to execute his mining plan.

Serendipitously, a colleague at work told him about Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, where people often find valuable gems. Problem, at least theoretically, solved!

He watched videos from those who were successful in finding diamonds at the park, and tried to get as much information as he could before deciding to plan his trip. His friend, Josh, who has known about Liden's dream from the beginning, decided to join him on the adventure.

With a plan now set in motion, Liden built some mining equipment on the sly and set out with a buddy on a normal road trip (wink, wink) to track down a suitable rock for the engagement ring. It only took two days in the park for him to strike gold - well, diamonds.

With his hands shaking, Liden uncovered a gorgeous 2.2 carat yellow diamond. The gem is the largest that's been found at the park in months. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, Liden proposed to his girlfriend Desirae with the luminous hand-mined diamond while on a mushroom hunt. Gentlemen, the bar has officially been raised.


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