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Magnum's $100 Print Sale

Featuring images of JFK, Dolly Parton and John Lennon, 110 artists have contributed to Magnum’s latest print sale, under the theme ‘On the Horizon’.

The latest Square Print Sale from Magnum Photos is a collection of images that “explore the edges of photographic practice, push the boundaries of what we know and see, and embrace the unknown.” As the sale closes tonight at 23:59 PST/19.59 BST, you will need to act quickly to own a museum-quality print from some of the biggest names in photography for just $100.

Magnum Photos was founded in Paris in 1947 and holds regular Square Print Sales every year. The images in each sale are always different, and are not available outside the sale window.

“These photographs explore opportunity, aspiration and creativity in response to the unseen and unclear,” says Magnum. “At a time when so much of the future is uncertain, and horizons broaden and narrow daily, these perspectives reflect the values and importance of shared experience and looking forward.”

Click here to browse the full selection of the prints available in the ‘On the Horizon’ sale.


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