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OGN Sunday Quiz

Over the past few weeks we've been publishing lots of weird and wonderful facts and various 'did you know' snippets, so the team at OGN Towers thought it would be fun to test your memory and give you a better chance of impressing your team at your next pub quiz. Answers will be published tomorrow. Good luck!

  1. What's the longest word in the English language with only one vowel?

  2. What city has the world's longest name? In fact, it's the longest name of any place on Earth.

  3. The Northern Hemisphere is home to what percentage of the Earth's total population?

  4. Which American states are furthest north, south, east and west?

  5. What's the only animal whose poop is cube-shaped?

  6. When Arthur Guinness signed the lease for the brewery’s St. James Gate property in Dublin in 1759, it was for how many years?

  7. Which country is home to the tallest people on Earth?

  8. Which country has the longest official name?

  9. Which country's flag is the only flag in the world that is not a rectangle?

  10. Approximately how many homes can one gigawatt of solar energy power?

  11. What's the only country in the world that’s named after a woman?

  12. If you had a beard, you would not be allowed to compete in the Olympics at what sport?

  13. Which country has the highest per capita percentage of electric vehicle drivers?

  14. Who said: "It’s not the years of your life that count. It’s the life in your years."

Be sure to check OGN Monday for the answers!

In the meantime, you may enjoy an OGN story from last year when the UK's intelligence gathering service at GCHQ had to apologise for any offence inadvertently caused by a quiz question and deleted it the moment it became aware of the, um, problem. GCHQ Puzzle Turns Blue...


Today's OGN Sunday Magazine articles:

Can Wright's Law Save the World? Oxford predicts $26 trillion gain from net zero, saying we should eliminate the word "cost" from the net zero lexicon.

Going Wild: Randal Plunkett, 21st Baron of Dunsany, has allowed his hereditary estate in Ireland to return to the wild with promising results.

$100 Print Sale: Featuring images of JFK, Dolly Parton and John Lennon, artists have contributed to Magnum’s latest photographic print sale, under the theme ‘On the Horizon’.

Look Closely: Beach sand may look like a uniform sprinkling of tiny identical grains, but it's actually an extraordinary variety of components if you look very, very closely...

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