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Nature TTL Photographer of the Year Awards 2022

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

The winning pictures capture wild animals in vivid clarity...

Snow leopard in Ladakh
A snow leopard scans for prey across the jagged peaks of the Ladakh mountain range in India | Sascha Fonseca

Micro-moth covered in pollen
A micro-moth covered in golden balls of pollen from a creeping buttercup | Tim Crabb

A lunar rainbow set against the northern lights at Godafoss
A lunar rainbow set against the northern lights at Godafoss, a spectacular waterfall in Iceland | Mauro Tronto

Grizzly bear
A large grizzly bear passes in front of a camera trap in the Yukon, Canada | Geoffrey Reynaud

Malabar parakeets
Malabar parakeets fight over paddy grains on a tree stump | Achintya Murthy

School of bannerfish
A pink whipray splits a school of bannerfish off the Maldives | Andy Schmid

Next year's competition will open for entries in January 2023. Register for notices and updates here

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