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Love Still Blooms 40 Years On

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A couple has proved their love is still blooming 40 years on by recreating a photo they took when they first got together posing alongside a 12ft sunflower.

Field of sunflowers

Paul Szewc and his wife Sandy met in 1982 when Sandy asked Paul to dance in a bar. He believed flowers were the key to a woman’s heart and felt his gigantic sunflower could be the key to wooing his new acquaintance.

He invited Sandy to his mom’s backyard to show her the plants he’d grown from seed, and one particularly impressive flower which towered 12ft above the young lovers.

Keen to impress, he got Sandy to stand on his shoulders and his mom, Marjorie, snapped a picture of the pair in 1984. The couple married two years later.

The couple now have two sons, Jason and Kyle, and continued to grow sunflowers over the years - and were delighted when another giant one appeared. It was almost exactly 40 In total it was 38 years since the gardening enthusiasts took the photo of the first whopper, and they decided to recreate the photo they took when they first got together.

“One of our sunflowers just so happened to shoot up again,” said Paul, a furniture maker, from Guelph, Canada. They decided to recreate the photo they took when they first met, with their son Jason, snapping them in the exact position four decades later.


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