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OGN Thursday

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Collection of positive news snippets.

  • In an exciting move for British filmgoers, Queen Elizabeth’s country retreat at Sandringham will soon be transformed into a drive-in movie venue. The first film to screen, on 25 September, will be Sam Mendes’s 1917.

  • Denmark: Home to the “world’s greenest city,” Copenhagen. There are so many things we can learn from this eco-friendly city.

  • The New York Philharmonic has just started travelling the boroughs of the city with a bandwagon to entertain the public.

  • Good news for UK environmentalists as government refuses planning permission to develop an “environmentally unacceptable” coal mine near Druridge Bay in Northumberland after years of fierce opposition from campaigners.

  • Vaccine Optimism: There are several good reasons to be upbeat about the near future.

  • In good news for cleaner air in cities, Uber has announced that all taxis available through its app will be electric by 2030, in US, Canadian and European cities.

  • Re-establishing Friendships: Calling long lost friends at any time, from any where, is a positive, natural, life affirming thing to do.

  • This will warm your heart: a student from Indiana displayed terrific sportsmanship when he helped a fellow runner to finish the course after an injury. “I was running up this little rolling hill,” said Levi LaGrange, “and I rolled my ankle and felt something go ‘pop.’ It was like it popped out of place real quick.” Alex Aleman saw it happen, and although LaGrange told him to run on, he ignored that suggestion and instead helped to support LaGrange and push him forward the rest of the way. “It just seemed like the right thing to do. That mattered more than the race. I told him I wasn’t going to leave.” How impressive.

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