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Polar Bears are Gathering: Watch Live

Every autumn, hundreds of polar bears return to Churchill, Manitoba - Canada’s northernmost seaport, a.k.a. the “polar bear capital of the world.” There, they wait for sea ice to form on Hudson Bay. The hungry bears have been fasting for months, so they’re eager for the opportunity to once again hunt their favorite food: ringed seals.

But to watch these majestic marine mammals, wildlife lovers don’t have to venture all the way to chilly Canada. You can enjoy everything from the comfort of your armchair. Several live video streams - run by Polar Bears International, and other organizations - offer people around the world a chance to see the bears in action.

Some of the polar bear cams are stationary, while others roam Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park aboard so-called “tundra buggy” vehicles, which serve as mobile broadcast studios - like the link below to just one of the live streams.

The video streams show the vast ruggedness of the Canadian tundra, as well as various bears lumbering around, snoozing, rolling in the snow, foraging for snacks and, occasionally, wrestling playfully with each other. Other animals sometimes make appearances on the video streams too, including ptarmigans, Arctic hares, Arctic foxes and owls.

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