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OGN Tuesday

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Some tasty bite-sized chunks of positive news to perk up the day.

Bronze coins discovered undersea off Sardinia
Credit: Italian Culture Ministry via AP
Huge Hoard

A diver who spotted something metallic not far from Sardinia’s coast has led to the discovery of a huge hoard of ancient bronze coins. Italy’s culture ministry said the diver alerted authorities, who sent divers assigned to an art protection squad along with others from the ministry’s undersea archaeology department. The coins, dating from the first half of the fourth century were found in sea grass, and were "in an excellent and rare state of preservation.” A ministry statement estimated that there are at least about 30,000 coins.

President Macron of France
President Macron | Wikipedia
Female Rights France

President Macron has revealed his government’s plan to present a draft text to France’s highest administrative court by the end of the year, paving the way for constitutional protection of abortion rights. He declared on social media: “In 2024, the right of women to choose abortion will become irreversible.” This declaration reaffirms France’s dedication to upholding reproductive rights in the face of global challenges.

Wales Follows Suit

Wales has followed England and Scotland in a shift away from convenience culture by outlawing several single-use plastics. The ban includes drinking straws, cutlery, stirrers and plates. Foam or polystyrene cups and takeaway containers are also out, along with balloon sticks and plastic-stemmed cotton buds.

US quarter depicting Maria Tallchief
Credit: US Mint
Prima Ballerina

Throughout the mid-20th century, Osage dancer Maria Tallchief wowed audiences with her graceful, gravity-defying performances. Now, the barrier-breaking Native American ballerina is the latest woman featured on the United States quarter. The U.S. Mint unveiled the newest coin in its American Women Quarters Program, which celebrates prominent women throughout history by placing their likenesses on the reverse side of special quarters. The dancer was born in 1925 on Osage Nation land in northern Oklahoma and became America’s first big prima ballerina.

Electric school bus called the Mega Beast
Credit: GreenPower Motor Company
Mega Beast

Electric school buses are hardly front page news these days, but GreenPower is about to change the dynamics with the Mega Beast - a purpose-built young people carrier with a monstrous battery bank, that can seat up to 90 kids. Within the belly of this beast is "the biggest battery pack in the school bus market" and, because it can go 300 miles between charges, it's aimed at servicing longer routes or rural locations that may not have the facilities for mid-day top-ups.

Heat Pump Law

Washington state is rolling out an unprecedented new law - one that quite literally forces residents to save money. The state now requires all new homes to be built with a heat pump instead of a traditional furnace or AC unit. Dirty energy companies hate heat pumps, which is how you know they’re good. They work by extracting heat from the ground (or air from outside) and pumping it into the building, which means the only energy required to warm or cool your home is the energy used by the pump. Since they’re about two to four times more efficient than gas heaters, Washington has made them the law of the land. And ice-cold states like Maine have seen homeowners installing them right and left, as it’s increasingly clear that they’re superior tech for staying cozy through winter.


"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it." Martin Luther King Jr.

On This Day

7 November 1916: Jeannette Rankin won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming the first woman elected to Congress.


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