Ten Top Tips

For staying positive, lifting your mood and keeping your sanity during lockdown.

As we all enter yet another week of quarantine, you may find some of these ideas helpful:

  1. Enjoy nature. If you can't get out and about in parks or the countryside, you might find enjoying nature through 24/7 live streaming cams is restorative. Try this exotic bird feeder in Panama or the sight and sound of rolling surf on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

  2. Get in touch with someone you have lost contact with. Re-establishing friendships is a soul boosting delight for all.

  3. Look after key relationships. Your partner, your children, parents and grandparents, siblings, closest friends. Really try to look out for them.

  4. Stay active. The temptation to do nothing is strong. Exercise is vital to physical and mental wellbeing. Here are some original ways of keeping active.

  5. Watch your diet. For many people, boredom = eating, dislocation = eating, loneliness = eating. It is important to be aware of it. Try to eat healthily. Otherwise you may end up flabbergasted, recently re-defined as: appalled by how much weight you have gained.

  6. Keep an eye on the booze. Someone tweeted recently: “This is like Christmas without the fun!” We all know what they mean.

  7. Read books or stimulate your mind by learning a new skill with an online course. Basically, stay curious. Try new things.

  8. Absolutely avoid being a 24/7 news junkie (stick to OGN Daily and other purveyors of positivity!) Also, cut down on social media. Endlessly scrolling through all the angst and gloom is not healthy.

  9. Listen to music regularly or, even better, make music.

  10. Do something good for someone else every day.

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