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The Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2022

Jaw-dropping landscapes, majestic creatures and luminous fungi took home prizes in the 2022 photo contest held by The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental nonprofit.

In this year's competition, photographers from 196 countries and territories put more than 100,000 entries in front of a panel of judges. The organization posted the full list of winners, including celebrity judges' picks and all of the honorable mentions.

Here's a selection of images that earned accolades, including the overall winner...

Aerial view of Iceland river with colourful sediment
FIRST PLACE: WATER - The glacial river, Þjórsá, in Iceland stretches across the landscape with brightly colored sediment | Kristin Wright | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Pair of male lions walking side by side
FIRST PLACE: WILDLIFE -Two male lions walk in Maasai Mara, Kenya | Anup Shah | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022
Frosty mountainside in Navarro, Spain
FIRST PLACE: LANDSCAPE - Ice-covered trees and frosted grass on a mountainside in Navarro, Spain | Francisco Javier Munuera González | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Glowing forest mushrooms in Australia
FIRST PLACE: PLANTS & FUNGI - Bioluminescent "ghost mushrooms" glow green in an Australian forest at night | Callie Chee | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Lightning striking a mountain in Indonesia
SECOND PLACE: LANDSCAPE -Lightning strikes in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Indonesia | Hendy Wicaksono | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Fan-throated lizard on a rock in India
FIRST PLACE: CLIMATE - A fan-throated lizard stands in front of windmills on the Chalkewadi plateau in Satara, India | Sandesh Kadur | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Rainwater erosion seen from above, creating a shape like a tree
GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Rainwater erosion created gullies that branch out like the limbs of a tree in Tibet | Li Ping | Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

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