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Top Google Searches 2022

Google has announced what the world was most interested in this year, dividing the top search terms into a seventeen different categories. And the winners are...

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Top Search: Wordle

News: Ukraine

People: Johnny Depp

Athletes: Novak Djokovic

Matches: India vs England

Movies: Thor - Love and Thunder

Passings: Queen Elizabeth

Recipes: Paneer Pasanda

Songs: Tak Ingin Usai - Keisya Levronka

TV Shows: Euphoria

Top Houseplants: Philodendron

Top Plants and Fungi: Garden Roses

Top Pets: Domestic short-haired cats

Top Cultural Landmarks: Buckingham Palace

Top Scenic Spots: Sky Garden, London

Top Exhibits: Dark Matter, Berlin

Sports Terms: World Cup

If you want to drill deeper, see Year in Search 2022

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