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Random Facts Discovered in 2022

A baker's dozen of insightful facts discovered this year by Magnetic - a design and innovation company based in England.

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In the UK and Australia, people tend to turn left when entering a building. In the US, they turn right. It’s important to remember if you’re booking a trade show booth. Marc Abrahams: The Rightness of Americans

Fees from music playing on Peloton are “a top 10 account for pretty much all major record labels right now.” Hypebot

A deep learning model trained on 85,000 eyes can tell male from female eyeballs with 87% accuracy but no one knows why. Nature

37 percent of the world’s population, 2.9 billion people, have never used the Internet. ITU

Data centres will consume 29% of Ireland’s electricity by 2028. Irish Examiner

In 1739, there were three times more coffee shops per person in London than there are today. and FEJ

Consumer goods branding existed in the ancient city of Uruk, Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago. ‘Temple-factories’ mass-produced, packaged and labelled goods like bread, beer, wine and woollen clothes. Economic Times

It was once fashionable in Paris to send one’s linens to be bleached in the sun of Saint-Domingue (Haiti). In 1782, after a fleet of 100 ships arrived from the colonies… “Paris was full of men and women who wore the handsome linen bleached in Saint-Domingue. This linen drew everyone’s eyes.” Dame Magazine

A Chinese woman created over 200 fictional articles about Russian history on Chinese Wikipedia, writing millions of words of completely imagined history. It took ten years for anyone to notice. Sixthtone

The best paid lifeguard in LA received just over $500,000 in 2021.

Applicants are 1.5% more likely to be granted asylum by a US judge the day after their city’s NFL team won. SFIPress

This list of entertaining facts was compiled by Tim Whitwell at Magnetic and was published as part of a much longer list on Magnetic's website.

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