Trump NOT Worst President Ever

142 presidential historians were brought in for C-SPAN's presidential rankings, which have occurred every administration change since the year 2000.

It will come as a shock to around 70 million Americans that Donald Trump has been rated as one of the worst Presidents in America's 226-year history. The presidential historians debated who was the best and worst of the country's 45 leaders (Joe Biden was left out because it's so early in his first term) and it wasn't good news for the last commander-in-chief, reports The Washington Post.

Trump was fourth from the bottom, with only James Buchanan (1857-61), Andrew Johnson (1865-69) and Franklin Pierce (1853 - 1857) performing worse.

C-SPAN increased the number of historians it used for this latest presidential ranking to take into account people's race, gender, age, and philosophy. They used 10 leadership qualities to work out where all the 45 leaders landed and Donald Trump was rated the worst for 'moral authority' and 'administrative skills'. He managed to claw back some lost ground in the 'public persuasion' category and ranked 32nd.

It's hardly surprising coming from the President who only served one term and was impeached twice in that time, once for conditioning military aid on political favours from Ukraine, the second for inciting the 6 January Capitol insurrection. He was acquitted both times by the Republican-led Senate.

The 45th leader was even ranked below the shortest-serving president in US history, who came in fifth worst. William Henry Harrison died after just 31 days in office in 1841 from pneumonia. He was the ninth ever US President and the first to die while still in office.

On the other end of the scale, Abraham Lincoln was rated the best ever US President, followed by George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.


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