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XBUS: Ideal All-Rounder?

Fancy a fully-loaded all-electric camper van for under £30,000 ($37,000)? Or maybe a pick-up for under £17,000 ($21,000)? Well, you'll soon be able to thanks to the XBUS – a modular electric vehicle build by German start-up Electric Brands.

Billed as the ‘most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world’ the XBUS can be specified with a variety of different body styles including an off-road bus, cargo van and a camper. The driving tech for all models is installed in a 3.65-metre long platform with customers able to choose from two chassis designs: off-road and city.

Of all the models available from launch, the camper has arguably the most appeal. It features a pop-up roof, bed, fridge, television and kitchenette and, as with all models in the range, can be specified in off-road form with a host of colour and interior options. Power comes from a choice of two lithium-ion battery backs.

Spacious interior of an Xbus showing seats and kitchenette

In terms of range, the company claims that with the larger battery and optional solar roof panels, the XBUS could potentially go nearly 500 miles between charges, which seems remarkably high. However, thanks to its compact frame and ultra-lightweight construction, this may well prove possible. The motor generates a modest 20bhp and drives all four wheels.

Electric Brands suggests that the solar roof can generate up to 13kWh power a day thanks to its 8m2 integrated solar foils. The firm is also planning to offer swappable battery packs at retailers for customers who want to keep moving on longer journeys. Charging is via a domestic three-pin socket or a 7kWh connection.

Production is due to start in 2023. And, oooh yes, we want one!


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