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Good News Today

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Kick starting the weekend with a crop of good news nuggets from around the planet.

The future of billboard advertising has arrived. An enormous 3D cat has really captured everyone's imagination after appearing on a Tokyo billboard. The animal is visible on a 1,664-square-foot curved 4K LED screen in the Shinjuku district and the feline’s activities change throughout the day. In the morning, the cat wakes up, progressing through a period of standing and meowing. In the evening, it lies down and eventually falls asleep with its head on its paws. Want to see the billboard in action? Click here

  • Good news for both England and hat-trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst. The 79-year-old, who scored his legendary World Cup final hat-trick at Wembley 55 years ago, is to be whistled up by BBC for pitchside analysis role when England play Italy in the Euros final tomorrow evening.

  • Australia’s government has been ordered to consider risks posed to young people from climate change in a looming decision on a coal mine expansion - a ruling that could set a precedent for all fossil fuel projects. The Environment Minister must assess the consequences of additional greenhouse gas emissions, Judge Mordy Bromberg said in a ruling at the Federal Court of Australia.

  • An exceptionally large and white 1,174-carat diamond stone has been unearthed in Botswana, trumping another huge precious stone that was found in the African country in June. Botswana leads the world for the largest precious stones, accounting for six in the top 10 list, and is the continent's leading diamond producer.

  • A book called Project Mars: A Technical Tale was authored by Wernher von Braun, a German-born aerospace engineer and space architect and published in 1953. It's a science fiction story in which the title of the leader of the Martian government would be “Elon”. How prescient is that? Maybe.

  • A piece of skin the size of a small coin, when placed inside a revolutionary new Swiss bioengineering machine - called the denovoGraft - can create a skin graft the size of a manhole cover. Neither totally real nor totally artificial, the new machine allows skin to be stretched to much greater sizes in an effort to aid in the millions of people who suffer serious injury from burns.

  • Ten single-use plastic items that have long blighted Europe’s beaches are now officially outlawed as the ban comes into effect. Plastic food containers, straws and cotton buds are among the items covered by the new law, introduced to address pollution in the EU. Polystyrene takeaway containers are also verboten.

  • In a week that saw millions watch the Euros semi-finals, those behind England’s latest rewilding project used a timely yardstick to measure the scale of their ambitions. The plan? To rewild 21,000 football pitches’ worth of land in South Downs National Park, creating woodlands and meadows where wildlife can thrive.

  • Women working in the Biden White House now earn 99 cents for every $1 earned by men. It's the narrowest gender pay gap of any US administration since records began in 1995.

  • It's issue no.4 of the OGN Sunday Magazine tomorrow. It's proving increasingly popular. Enjoy!

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