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Fundraising for Frontline Workers

The lockdown may be stretching the country’s patience to the limit, but it hasn’t deterred fundraisers trying to support the NHS and the workers on the frontline of the crisis.

Run for Heroes

A 5km running challenge has now raised over £2m for NHS staff in three weeks after going viral on social media.

The campaign was launched by London-based documentary producer Olivia Strong, 27, on 28 March with the run.for.heroes Instagram page. She originally aimed to raise £5,000, but after reaching her target in just four days, she decided to extend the challenge.

The Run for Heroes campaign challenges people to use their permitted daily exercise to run 5km, donate £5 to help frontline NHS workers, and then tag five others to do the same. Each £5 is donated via VirginMoneyGiving.

It has quickly spread on social media, with runners, in their tens of thousands, taking part across 10 different countries.

“Your love and support has raised money to go towards wellbeing packs, accommodation and travel for NHS workers and volunteers, provide longer-term mental health support for staff and families effected, and help patients leave hospital quickly and safely,”

Hero Walking for Heroes

As of Wednesday morning, a Second World War veteran had raised more than £4 million for 'our brave nurses and doctors' in the NHS by walking around his garden on a Zimmer frame. By nightfall the same day it was over £8 million. No doubt, by the time you read this, he will have passed £10 million. How amazing is that?

Captain Tom Moore, 99, set out last Thursday to walk 100 lengths of his lawn before he turns 100 on April 30 - but could finish as early as Thursday. He hoped to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together but he smashed that total in less than a day.

The Bedfordshire-based veteran has captured the nation's heart and raised [fill in the number!] on his Just Giving page to support NHS heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus war.

This goes from 1 to 999,999,999. How much will Captain Moore raise by his 100th birthday on April 30th? In the OGN Daily 'virtual' office, we reckon he'll celebrate his birthday with £100 million in the bank for the NHS....

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