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Good News Round-Up Today

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Little snippets of reassuring news to help you feel happy and optimistic.

  • Wild garlic is flourishing.

  • Good news for the planet: Giorgio Armani announces he's abandoning fast fashion.

  • Nearly good news for the whisky industry: Pope Francis jokes that whisky is 'the true holy water', but quip is cut from documentary by po-faced Vatican officials who found it too hard to swallow.

  • Pet adoptions have skyrocketed. At Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, where there are usually about 50 dogs looking for a home, there are now zero.

  • Man in Bolton, England, hosts socially distant driveway bingo with toilet paper prize.

  • Inspired by Mother Teresa, Kenyan safari operator delivers 24,000 hampers (each with enough food to last a family of five for two weeks) using food and vegetables planted for export and now marooned by the lack of flights.

  • Boom time for quiz masters. Assuming you now know the capital of Tasmania (Hobart), how far the sun is from earth (93 million miles) and what year Will & Kate got married (2011), try some OGN cryptic questions about city names.

  • A 106-year-old woman is thought to be Britain’s oldest patient to recover from coronavirus, after being discharged from Birmingham’s City hospital.

  • Captain Tom Moore, 99, inches ever closer to raising £30m. Is £100m possible?

  • Fellow nonagenarian Margaret Payne, 90, from Scotland now past £250,000. Go Margaret!

  • Good night for star gazing: Lycid meteor shower peaks tonight.

  • Download 'Night Sky' (on free trial) from the Apple app store if you want to know what everything else is up there.

  • Can't Get a Supermarket Order? UK Food Wholesalers - who normally sell direct to restaurants - have switched their attention to us and are gagging for business. Two problems solved!

  • The sport that's thriving: We can't leave our houses, we're not allowed to meet friends, but somehow, darts is winning.

  • Alan Ayris, from Whitwick in Leicestershire, has written positive messages on clothes pegs and left them in woodland to give people a lift during the coronavirus outbreak.

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