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Good News Thursday

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Today's eclectic bundle of upbeat news nuggets from around the globe.

Claudia Goldin, Nobel prize winner
Claudia Goldin | Wikipedia
Hats Off To...

Claudia Goldin, who has won the Nobel Prize in Economics for her work on women's employment and pay. She is only the third woman to have received the prize, and the first not to share it with male colleagues. Her research was praised for uncovering drivers behind the gender pay gap. Goldin is an American economic historian and labor economist who is currently the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Indie Bookstores France

A new rule has come into force in France that obliges Amazon to charge a delivery fee of at least €3 when sending out books. The rule is designed to protect independent sellers. Amazon was banned years ago from offering free shipping on books, so had been charging one cent.

Creative Recruitment

In the pretty Cornish town of Lostwithiel, south west England, a local doctor's office took a creative route to find a new family physician. When a well-loved GP announced retirement, Lostwithiel Medical Practice released a video, appealing to doctors near and far - it went viral, attracting over 2 million views. Amid responses from locations as diverse as New Zealand and Alaska, they found their perfect match closer to home. Dr. Bethan Woodfield, a Cornish native, responded to the call and is now serving the community. Pleasantly surprised by the reach of their creative recruitment strategy, Dr. Justin Hendriksz said, "We finally have the doctor we've wanted and she's doing really well." Echoing the spirit of the unique community, Dr. Woodfield added, "The sense of community is amazing." Watch the video here

Eco-Friendlier Burps

A new Swedish report has found that feeding cows seaweed can cut methane emissions by up to 45 percent. More research is needed, but the discovery is significant - it works by preventing micro-organisms in the cow’s first stomach from producing methane. This is important because methane is much more potent than CO2.

Canada First Nations

A Canadian judge has ruled that the province of British Colombia has a constitutional mandate to consult with First Nations on mining rights, says the Vancouver Sun. The Gitxaala Nation successfully filed a petition to challenge a rule that automatically granted mineral rights to the province on its territory without consultation.

Aussie Renewables

Renewable energy generation has soared to new heights late last month in Australia, with the combined contributions from rooftop solar and large-scale solar and wind pushing past 70 percent for the first time, reports Renew Economy. On the flip side, the share of coal was crushed to new lows. Someone get a violin.

The Dark Side Of The Moon turntable by Pro-Ject
Credit: Pro-Ject
Tribute Turntable

To mark the 50th anniversary of the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, Austrian hi-fi brand Pro-Ject has launched a special Artist Collection turntable - featuring a look designed to mimic the iconic album cover. The Dark Side Of The Moon turntable will be hand-built in Europe as a limited run for US$1,999 apiece. Cue the Money jokes.

California's Batteries

In 2020, California had 500 MW of battery storage. Three years later, it has ten times as much as that, and batteries are coming online faster than any other form of power, soaking up solar during the sunniest hours and delivering it back to the grid after sunset. According to Canary Media, those batteries recently provided 5.2 GW of instantaneous power, the equivalent of five typical nuclear plants.


"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." Janis Joplin

On this Day

12 October 1901: President Theodore Roosevelt officially changed the name of the president's residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. from Executive Mansion to the White House.


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All 6 of the hilarious Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter 'Cinzano' ads compressed into 3 minutes.


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