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Today's Good News Snippets

Lots of stuff to make you smile and brighten your day.

  • Cowslips are enjoying another gorgeous Spring

  • White-tail eagle spotted in England for first time in 240 years.

  • Fill up your home oil tank. Prices are incredibly low.

  • In rare positive news from the White House: President Trump has temporarily banned all immigration to the US, selflessly protecting foreigners from being exposed to his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Tennis and golf to resume in Denmark as country eases lockdown.

  • The BBC's first day of its 'lockdown learning scheme' started on Monday, with a record three million pupils tuning in to Bitzesize Daily Lessons.

  • Merkel urges Germany to 'remain disciplined' as it begins to lift lockdown.

  • Good news for Einstein: Star orbiting a supermassive black hole proves his general theory of relativity.

  • Rather than twiddle her thumbs in quarantine, a bored 15-year-old girl recently turned one of her bedroom walls into a proper 8-foot climbing wall - and it only took her a week.

  • A hotel in Switzerland has provided shelter for homeless women. Valerie Spagna, head of the Salvation Army's night shelter programme in Geneva, said: "they can finally relax, take care of themselves, sleep as long as they want."

  • Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, says the post-covid world should do nothing less than to make “a fit planet for our grandchildren to live on”.

  • Captain Tom Moore, the war veteran who has raised over £27 million for the NHS by walking the length of his garden 100 times, has been sent more than 25,000 birthday cards for his 100th birthday.

  • New Yorkers are giving nightly ovations for those working on the front lines.

  • Belgian biotech firm has started producing tens of thousands government-certified antibody tests. They take just 10-15 minutes and the company is planning to make up to three million a month.

  • McDonald's in USA are giving out free meals to health care workers and first responders.

  • Landlord in Brooklyn waives April rent for 200 tenants.

  • Good News! Here are the answers to the inaugural OGN Quiz

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