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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Elon Musk writes ‘Stay At Home’ in night sky using Starlink satellites.

Elon Musk's controversial Starlink project has once again made the news this week after the billionaire orchestrated the internet satellites into a giant global message urging people to ‘stay at home’ over some areas, while changing the words over certain countries to voice his own opinions of them.

‘China sucks’ was one such message that Asian stargazers were greeted with last week, with Mr. Musk apologising profusely for the remark, stating he was drunk at the time and has since got rid of the app on his phone that allows him to message billions of people at any one time.

“Yes, the stay at home message is very good and shows how the satellites can be used for good, but what’s stopping Elon from using the satellites to spell out special offers on a new range of Teslas in the sky to people every 90 minutes?” one astronomer pointed out.

“Eventually the night sky will look like a bloody Christmas tree, dropping 250 kilo presents of space junk onto unsuspecting countries whenever the satellites malfunction,” another sceptic of the project pointed out.

Mr. Musk since promised that he will only use the new satellites ‘for good’, but didn’t rule out calling whoever he wanted a ‘paedophile’ in the night sky.

“Just don’t piss me off and you’ll be fine,” he concluded.

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