Uplifting News Stories

A handful of last week's most popular stories (and most watched video), just in case you would like to catch up.

Fifth Major Cancer Treatment? Scientists have successfully developed a revolutionary cancer treatment that lights up and wipes out microscopic cancer cells, in a breakthrough that could enable surgeons to more effectively target and destroy the disease in patients.

Secret Population of Polar Bears Discovered: Genetically isolated polar bears are surviving in an improbable habitat - providing a glimmer of hope for the future of white bears.

Great Customer Service: Online pet supply retailer Chewy responded to a grieving dog owner's request with a lovely act of kindness.

$17 Billion in Treasure Found: The Colombian navy has found an a shipwreck from the 18th century packed with gold coins, emeralds, ancient swords and Chinese ceramics.

New Floating Wind Turbine Idea: Investors believe that their weird looking “wall of wind turbines” is going to lead the charge into next-generation floating wind turbine technology.

Sayonara to Evil Plastic Food Wraps: A new plant-based material can replace plastic food packaging for keeps.

Most watched video: Hummingbirds Ultra Slow-Mo - Plus, 20 amazing facts about these remarkable little creatures.


Today's Magazine articles

World-First Study: Scientists show a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and dementia and strokes.

Elgin Marbles: British Museum has a clever solution on how to return the Parthenon marbles to Greece

Carbon Vaults: Two good reasons for optimism on how mankind can hoover up vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

It's Good to Laugh: A selection of amusing quotations to make you smile. Perhaps, even, chuckle.

Remarkable Progress: In their final year at law school, Solomon Yeo and his classmates set their minds to saving the world. Four years later their idea has made it to the International Court of Justice.

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