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Global Good News Round Up

Synopsis of last week's most important good news from around the world.

Two girls celebrating good news

Social Memory: In what may put many of us to shame, a new study shows that apes instantly recognize family and friends that they haven’t seen in more than two decades. It's the longest ‘social memory’ in a non-human animal ever documented.

Emerald Isle: It seems that Ireland is even greener than its reputation suggests, as one day last week it broke all records when a whopping 71 percent of all the country's electricity needs were met with wind power.

Dumb Phones: As consumers, particularly young ones, become more clued-up on the downsides of smartphone use - with negative impacts on everything from mental health to relationships - interest in sanity-saving ‘dumb phones’ is growing.

Ruling The Roost: Paris's Notre Dame cathedral has been adorned with a brand new golden rooster reimagined as a phoenix. It comes four years after a fire which devastated the famous Parisian landmark and is designed to symbolise resilience amid destruction after the fire.

Polish Parliament: In a heartening initiative to spread joy and warmth this festive season, the Polish parliament is set to host its first-ever Christmas meal for the homeless and those in need.

Boy with a bionic Hero Arm

Young Iron Man: A 10-year-old born missing his arm below-the-elbow has just had a bionic Hero Arm delivered by the UK's National Health Service for free and in time for Christmas!

Biden's Judiciary: According to a Pew Research Center analysis, President Joe Biden has made historic strides in judicial appointments, with nearly two-thirds of his appointed federal judges being women and from racial or ethnic minority groups.

Brace of Firsts: It has been a good week for glass ceilings in England, with the appointment of the National Theatre’s first female director. Indhu Rubasingham, 53, will also be the first person of colour to take on the biggest job in British theatre.

Bye Bye Coal: E.U. has approved German state aid for early closure of coal plants. Under German law, no more electricity is to be produced from coal from 2038 onward. However, this new agreement moves the date forward to 2030.

Colorado Wolves: Five gray wolves have a new home in Colorado; state wildlife officials released them this week as part of a program to conserve the endangered species. The predators play an important role in culling sick elk and deer.

Green Air Travel Tax: Denmark is introducing a green tax on air travel (from $7 to $59, depending on flight distance). The tax will be added to plane tickets, and the country is encouraging other European Union member states to follow its lead. “I imagine that as the years go by we shall have common European regulation in this area. That would be the right way forward,” said the Minister for Climate.

Snow Train: Good news for British skiers, as the new Eurostar Snow Train service is now running from London to Bourg St Maurice, the gateway to a cluster of France’s largest and most famous ski resorts - including Val d’Isère. With awareness that taking the train is better for the planet than flying, the new service looks to be wildly popular. Over half the available tickets for the ski season were sold within their first week on sale.

Travel Clearance: Santa Claus and his deer have been given clearance by the US Department of Agriculture to enter the US. The government department said its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service issued a transit permit "to Mr. S. Nicholas Claus of the North Pole, a distributor with Gifts and Good Cheer, Inc".

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